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Vintage Telecom Angle Poise Work Bench Light  - Bob2

Vintage Telecom Angle Poise Work Bench Light - Bob2


Super vintage industrial light with adjustable base, options for clip and or table lamp.  Classic green paintwork with a white inner to the shade. The original paint is in good condition with a few minor scratches telling of its working life.

Telecom or BT commissioned many of their own design of lights and tools including this Telecom AUL 88 model. The clever design incorporates a sprung clamp for fixing to a shelf or bench as well as adjustable feet as a free standing table lamp.

Cleaned and rewired with new lamp holder and flex.

We call this lamp “Bob2” after the identical twin we also have for sale which was owned by “Bob” as shown by the white markings crudely painted on the shade.

Bob on his own is £175

Bob and Bob 2 are available as an “almost matching” pair



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