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Large Rectangular Driftwood Framed Mirror

Large Rectangular Driftwood Framed Mirror


Unique coastal style mirror created using driftwood we have collected while combing the fabulous beaches of the Isle of Wight.


This particualr mirror has now been sold, but I am making another in  simailar design 


The frame is designed and carefully constructed from dozens of pieces of driftwood layered and intricately arranged to create a richly textured puzzle of pieces.


The naturally sea and sun weathered wood has tones of grey, tan and sand colours which work together so well for an authentic coastal theme.


This mirror can be hung portrait-wise or stood on the floor making it ideal as a dressing mirror or hung landscape making it perfect in a hallway or corridor. 


The overall size will be approximately 500mm x 1200mm with the actual frame being approximately 10cm (4inches).


The driftwood frame is layered over reclaimed timber from seaside locations and mounted on a solid back board to ensure  strength and stability. All driftwood is cleaned and treated.


These mirrors are heavy and we strongly recommend using heavy duty fixings designed specifically for the wall type.

Depending on your location and timescale we are often able to deliver and install mirrors for you. Please contact us for installation options.

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