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Large Handmade Seaglass & Copper Flower

Large Handmade Seaglass & Copper Flower


Large version of our ever popular seglass daises


Summery seaglass daisies bring a ray of sunshine on the greyest of days... they look wonderful in a simple vase either on their own or with several flowers or add them to pot plants for a cheeky bloom throughout the year.


Each flower is handmade from copper and set with geniune seaglass collected from wonderful beaches near our home on the Isle of Wight.


The frosty whites and seafoam/aqua hues of the wave tumbled glass sets off the rich copper of the stem and outline of the petals.


Place them near a window or lamp so these quirky blooms can capture the sunlight for a touch of sunshine sparkle.


I can also create delightful posies, bouquets and table centres using seaglass blooms perfect for events or weddings. 


Every daisy is unique but in general they are approximately 25 - 30cm from tip of the stem to the top of the flower.  The flower head is approximately 10 - 12cm across.


Also see the smaller versions available form £7.50 each - Click here


The price is for a single stem.

For larger orders of 10 or more please do get in touch. 


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