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Handmade Copper Mermaid

Handmade Copper Mermaid


This voluptuous copper mermaid is handmade in our workshop using reclaimed copper.  Her curves are handcut, beaten and burnished.


We use a combination of bright clean copper and a variety of Verdi Gris effects for depth and a glowing colour. Her flowing hair and jewels are embellished with copper curls and silver coloured water droplets.


She is lacquered to preserve the copper finish or she could be left un- varnished so she would weather and tarnish to develop a beautiful patina, especially if she is outside as an addition to your garden, patio or balcony, where is a moist environment she would become a beautiful jade green green colour.

The mermaid shown is approximately 60cm high. Please do get in touch if you would like your own mermaid, we can make her to your specified size. Prices start at £185, depending on size and other specifications.

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